Definition of clupeoid in US English:



  • A marine fish of a group that includes the herring family together with the anchovies and related fish.

    Order Clupeiformes or suborder Clupeoidei

    • ‘This is an important spawning and nursery ground for many important pelagic fishes such as clupeoids, horse mackerel, scomber and saury.’
    • ‘Similarly, the anchovy-like clupeoids are usually distinctive because of their projecting, pig-like snout, large mouth and ‘underslung’ lower jaw.’
    • ‘Randall reported that in the West Indies, 96% of the cero diet consists of small schooling fishes, particularly clupeoids of the genera Harengula, Jenkinsia and Opisthonema.’
    • ‘It may, therefore, be useful to briefly review some of the general characteristics of clupeoids to indicate what we might expect to find in Lake Tanganyika.’
    • ‘Like anchovies and herrings, they are small, primitive fish belonging to the group known as clupeoids.’


  • Relating to fish of the clupeoid group.

    • ‘The five species and subspecies of Sardinops yield roughly one-fourth of the catch of all clupeoid fishes, making it one of the most productive of all clupeoid genera.’
    • ‘At night, clupeoid shoals rose in the water column and became more dispersed.’
    • ‘We found that the pristigasterid Chirocentrodon bleekerianus, a small clupeiform from the tropical SW Atlantic, is able to prey on proportionally large clupeoid fishes and caridean shrimps.’
    • ‘Interrelations between sensory development and habitat change in clupeoid larvae.’


Mid 19th century: from modern Latin Clupeoidei (plural), from Latin clupea, the name of a river fish.