Definition of club soda in US English:

club soda


North American
  • another term for soda (sense 1)
    • ‘He was full of self-control, a drinker of club soda who listened carefully and looked where he stepped.’
    • ‘On weekends I may treat myself to a reduced-calorie drink: half a glass of wine mixed with well-chilled club soda.’
    • ‘Add cranberry juice to fill each glass three-quarters full, then top with club soda.’
    • ‘Some tonics have less sodium than club soda or many soft drinks.’
    • ‘The bartender placed a club soda in front of the seasoned Detective who took a healthy swallow.’
    • ‘If you spill food on your tie, immediately dab the spot with club soda or water.’
    • ‘Sparkling water or club soda can be excellent options for people on low-calorie diets who find themselves in social situations that include drinking.’
    • ‘These days, however, I'm drinking club soda, which has no sweetener in it at all.’
    • ‘To reduce the amount of chemicals you put into your body, try replacing diet soda with sparkling water or club soda.’
    • ‘Mason grinned and took another sip of his club soda.’
    • ‘He opens the small silver refrigerator and reaches for an ice cold bottle of club soda.’


club soda

/ˌkləb ˈsōdə/