Definition of club foot in English:

club foot


  • 1A deformed foot that is twisted so that the sole cannot be placed flat on the ground. It is typically congenital or a result of polio.

    Also called talipes
    • ‘He can't run very fast, owing to his club foot, and he's only very little.’
    • ‘After being born with two club feet and spending the first year of his life in casts to his knees, he took his first jazz class at age 11.’
    • ‘He was born with club feet that required surgeries before age 10, and his right leg is an inch longer than his left.’
    • ‘He was unprepossessing in appearance, and suffered from a club foot.’
    • ‘The baby will now be able to have surgery to correct her club feet and deformed hands, thanks to the generosity of the surgeon, who has offered his services for free.’
    • ‘Lord Byron, Britain's great romantic who was ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’, was also born with talipes, or a club foot.’
    • ‘She was lying in a metal cot with club feet and deformed hands.’
    • ‘I kept my eyes on the rider closest me, noticing how his own eyes locked onto me, and how one of his legs ended in a club foot fitted into a giant's boot with a raised up sole.’
    • ‘He was born with club feet, a disfiguring affliction not often seen today which causes the feet to turn inward.’
    • ‘Corrective surgery is performed on children with dislocated hips, club feet, deformities of the spine and limbs and diseases of the bones.’
    • ‘The 21-year-old swimmer, who has a club foot, started swimming to help his self-confidence.’
    • ‘Other common surgical corrections include those for club feet, strabismus, ptosis, and reconstructions from disfiguring traumas and congenital and developmental abnormalities.’
    • ‘His gait studies formed the basis of his clinical work in treating club foot deformities and showed the benefit of measurement in clinical decisions.’
    • ‘The mother of the club foot baby is friendly with her and goes over for a chat after they leave.’
    • ‘Apparently a victim of radioactivity, she was born with club feet and no hands, and her parents, both students, had abandoned her as they felt they were incapable of bringing her up.’
    • ‘It was nerve-racking when they were checking the scans for spina bifida, club foot and hare lip.’
  • 2A woodland toadstool with a grayish-brown cap, primrose-yellow gills, and a stem with a swollen woolly base, found in both Eurasia and North America.


club foot

/ˌkləb ˈfo͝ot//ˌkləb ˈfʊt/