Definition of cloverleaf in English:



  • 1A shape or pattern resembling a leaf of clover.

    [as modifier] ‘cloverleaf rolls’
    • ‘Riders enter the arena at full speed, triggering the clock to start and rounding the barrels in a cloverleaf pattern.’
    • ‘The facial bones are small with a large calvarium and cloverleaf deformity of skull may be present.’
    • ‘Other loaves are made in a cloverleaf shape said to symbolize the Trinity.’
    • ‘The three groups of rooms are arranged in a cloverleaf design, with each group of rooms representing one ‘leaf.’’
    • ‘It's a cloverleaf fountain and it looks like three stone bedpans.’
    • ‘Exact locations were found at the boundaries of the genes by searching for sequences capable of forming the cloverleaf structure typical of these molecules.’
    • ‘A rider races her horse in a cloverleaf pattern or figure eight around barrels, then races home.’
    • ‘A scalloped, cloverleaf shape lends plenty of character to this Charlestown Square table.’
    • ‘Her Pesto Rolls evolved from a cloverleaf roll recipe passed on from her great-grandmother.’
    • ‘The 22 genes were identified by their cloverleaf secondary structures and anticodon sequences.’
    1. 1.1North American A junction of roads intersecting at different levels with connecting sections forming the pattern of a four-leaf clover.
      • ‘When the fuel crisis was at its worst there was the very real possibility that there would be thousands and thousands of abandoned cars on motorway flyovers and cloverleaf intersections.’
      • ‘With the cloverleaf now an inferno, soldiers dove for cover or ran for their vehicles.’
      • ‘In the center of it all was a cloverleaf intersection, with ramps running up and down from Highway 8.’
      • ‘At least a dozen students and other citizens were killed during separate demonstrations near the cloverleaf.’
      • ‘It is surrounded by cloverleaf freeways, which have literally been imposed on top of a village.’
      • ‘Because of the difficulty in negotiating the mechanical and human debris that littered the road, it took him well over an hour to reach the cloverleaf that would take him onto the road to the lake.’
      • ‘The City Council had a self-imposed one-year deadline for rebuilding the shattered cloverleaf.’
      • ‘Eventually we found the exit and climbed a steep, suburban street into some hills, rising above the great cloverleaf of the freeway into a development of newly built houses.’
      • ‘The cloverleaf where Interstate 10 meets the causeway became a kind of crude sorting place.’
      • ‘Getting between the two is like trying to get onto a freeway from an old cloverleaf junction - there's not enough of an acceleration lane.’
      • ‘The city administration is assessing the possible impact on traffic flow of a proposed shopping mall to be built near the cloverleaf in the town centre.’
      crossroads, crossing, intersection, interchange, t-junction, box junction, gyratory
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