Definition of cloud base in US English:

cloud base


  • The level or altitude of the lowest part of a general mass of clouds.

    • ‘Thanks to the two different air masses, I climbed about 400 m over the cloud base until 3300 m.’
    • ‘The forecast for today was especially good with very light winds and a high cloud base.’
    • ‘Stratus that forms because of advection usually has a cloud base of around 1500 feet, and fog has its cloud base at the ground.’
    • ‘The night was clear, with a cloud base of 360 metres and visibility of 10 kilometres.’
    • ‘I didn't fancy struggling up the peak, and the cloud base was even lower than earlier in the week so I went for two walks out from Pateley Bridge.’
    • ‘The cloud base wasn't rising, which has been a problem for us so far this year.’
    • ‘There is still nothing like being at cloud base in a hang glider.’
    • ‘With a low cloud base we would not get high, but the task was long.’
    • ‘There are about thirty to forty pilots waiting around at cloud base and trying to stay out of each others way.’
    • ‘I was delighted and relieved that the weather was clear and the cloud base was high, so she could see for herself how lovely it is.’
    • ‘The lift got good and I flew around for an hour at cloud base checking to see if the glider would maintain a turn.’
    • ‘I stayed high and made sure I got to cloud base, as I didn't care how long it took to get back to Quest.’
    • ‘The cloud base is low because like everywhere else we've been it's wet here.’
    • ‘With the weather drying out a bit we are hoping for a high cloud base and light winds.’
    • ‘Yesterday pilots were able to fly for about an hour after the low cloud base lifted and before the rain began.’
    • ‘He drifted out from the field at around 800 feet, found some lift, and took that to cloud base at 3,500 feet.’
    • ‘Air support by Allied aircraft was felt to be crucial to success and if a low cloud base prevented this then the enterprise was probably too risky.’
    • ‘On deck it's a grey day with the tip of Fair Isle ascending into a low cloud base, just visible through a light mist.’
    • ‘So what happens when you have fog, or the cloud base is at ground level?’