Definition of clotting factor in US English:

clotting factor


  • Any of a number of substances in blood plasma which are involved in the clotting process, such as factor VIII.

    • ‘In order to have normal hemostasis, the organism needs to maintain a certain plasma level of clotting factors and a certain number of circulating platelets.’
    • ‘Oral preparations also increase plasma concentrations of clotting factors and have other effects on coagulability.’
    • ‘The body's clotting system depends on platelets as well as many clotting factors and other blood components.’
    • ‘People with haemophilia are missing a part of the blood called a clotting factor (Factor VIII), and are sometimes treated by receiving transfusions.’
    • ‘Blood clotting involves more than a dozen clotting factors, many named with roman numerals.’
    • ‘He was treated with Vitamin K and infusions of blood, platelets and clotting factors.’


clotting factor

/klɑdɪŋ ˈfæktər/