Definition of clothing in US English:



  • Clothes collectively.

    ‘an item of clothing’
    as modifier ‘the clothing trade’
    • ‘He wore a dark baseball cap and dark clothing, including a waterproof padded jacket.’
    • ‘The rest of her clothing - a shirt, jeans and underwear - was knotted around her neck.’
    • ‘I have quite an eye for fashionable clothing and this garment caught my attention immediately.’
    • ‘As a result, athletes have to wear heavy clothing to keep warm between events.’
    • ‘Students must ensure that each item of clothing, including underwear, be clearly labelled with their names.’
    • ‘You will probably have to exchange traditional clothing for warm winter wear or you will freeze.’
    • ‘The man involved was in his 30s with shoulder length dark hair, wearing a black woollen hat and baggy clothing.’
    • ‘They must fast from midnight prior to arrival and are advised to bring warm and waterproof clothing.’
    • ‘He was wearing prison issue clothing of a blue striped shirt and brown trousers.’
    • ‘They want to be dressed in fashionable clothing, wear fancy shoes and drive cool cars.’
    • ‘When the door to his office finally opens, he is indeed in casual clothing: a shirt and jogging shoes.’
    • ‘Like with any piece of clothing, you really need to try jeans on to see how they work.’
    • ‘She wore the short skirts and skimpy clothing that people like that would wear.’
    • ‘None of the rest of us had raincoats or particularly warm clothing.’
    • ‘I find that a lot of professional clothing with a tailored look doesn't fit me well.’
    • ‘Strong footwear, warm outdoor clothing and waterproofs are all essential.’
    • ‘By definition, an overcoat is a heavy coat worn over ordinary clothing in cold weather.’
    • ‘Participants are advised to wear warm comfortable rainproof clothing and suitable footwear.’
    • ‘Wear loose, comfortable clothing and if possible bring a scarf for the hips.’
    • ‘When he returned he had removed his boots and outer clothing and was wearing just his shirt and hose.’
    clothes, garments, articles of clothing, articles of dress, attire, garb
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