Definition of clothes moth in US English:

clothes moth


  • A small, drab moth whose larvae feed on a range of animal fibers and can be destructive to clothing and other domestic textiles.

    Family Tineidae: several species, in particular the common clothes moth (Tineola biselliella)

    • ‘Woolen items injured by clothes moths have holes eaten through them by small, white larvae.’
    • ‘When clothes are not stored and maintained properly, the chances of clothes moths damaging the garments increases.’
    • ‘If you've seen small moths flying around your closet, you may have been invaded by the common clothes moth.’
    • ‘The most common clothes moth in the U.S., they measure one half inch and are golden-brown with red-gold hairs on the head.’
    • ‘Both the webbing clothes moth and the casemaking clothes moth are similar in appearance.’
    • ‘The best way to combat carpet beetles and clothes moths is to prevent them from becoming established in the home.’
    • ‘However, it sounds like you have an infestation of clothes moths.’
    • ‘For most problems with clothes moths or food moths there is no reason to reach for the can of insecticide.’
    • ‘Rosemary essential oil will act as a deterrent against clothes moths.’
    • ‘Live adult carpet beetles and clothes moths are rarely found because they do not feed on fabric.’
    • ‘The clothes moth larva is the only feeding stage and therefore the only stage that damages fabrics.’
    • ‘Good housekeeping is as important in preventing clothes moth infestations as it is in clothes moth control.’


clothes moth

/ˈklō(T͟H)z ˌmôTH/