Definition of closing date in US English:

closing date


  • The last date by which something must be submitted for consideration, especially a job application.

    ‘the closing date for applications is December 1’
    • ‘December 20 is the closing date for entries and January 5 is the closing date for application forms to be sent in.’
    • ‘Any club athletes who wish to be entered in the above events should contact the secretary well in advance as the closing dates will be strictly adhered to.’
    • ‘Once the closing date for applications has been specified it must be kept.’
    • ‘You have less than a week to get your application form in before the closing date on 5 April.’
    • ‘With the closing date for applications looming, she came across the completed form and decided to post it.’
    • ‘There is no excuse for missing dates this year since Margaret went to the bother of sending out the closing dates with the events calendar.’
    • ‘The closing date for membership money is February 29, which is fast approaching.’
    • ‘The closing date for booking is August 8 and seats will be reserved on a first come first served basis.’
    • ‘The closing date for receipt of inquiries on any of the above grant schemes is Friday, March 21.’
    • ‘A reminder to readers that the closing date for tickets for the club's annual Dinner Dance is this Friday.’
    • ‘The next course starts shortly and the closing date for applications is August 6.’
    • ‘The closing date for receipt of applications for funding is Wednesday, October 19.’
    • ‘The closing date is October 4 and applications will not be taken on the day.’
    • ‘All application forms should be fully completed and lodged with the awarding authority by the closing date.’
    • ‘The club have advertised for the post and the closing date for applications was today.’
    • ‘He said the majority of teams always handed their entries in on the night of the closing date when the draw also takes place.’
    • ‘The closing date for entries in the local competitions is Friday, June 17.’
    • ‘The closing date for entries for the Children's Art competition is Friday 5th March.’
    • ‘The closing date for receipt of information for next publication is Friday, August 22.’
    • ‘Closing dates for university admission and closing dates for scholarship applications were different for each institution, as also the place from where you could get the application material.’


closing date

/ˈklōZHiNG ˌdāt//ˈkloʊʒɪŋ ˌdeɪt/