Definition of closer in English:



  • 1The last part of a performance, collection, or series.

    ‘the perfect closer to the album’
    ‘the last episode was still a great closer’
    • ‘The appropriate closer for this week is a quote from one of my readers.’
    • ‘It's a perfect closer to an album that runs the gamut of emotions.’
    • ‘Overall, the album is strong and well balanced, but the best two tracks are the closers.’
    • ‘Less somber is the jubilant closer "Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!"’
    • ‘This is an excellent closer for a recital of advanced two-piano literature.’
    • ‘The final number of the evening will be the traditional closer for every royal ball.’
    • ‘The best of the set has to be the six-minute closer.’
    • ‘Her response, "Get in line," is the punchy closer of the film.’
    • ‘The sense of true genius in this film would come, I think, with a closer that brings all eight stories together.’
    • ‘The former track is an archetypal closer to a squirm-inducing, voyeuristic album.’
  • 2A person who is skilled at bringing a business transaction to a satisfactory conclusion.

    ‘this role will best suit closers who are hungry to make commissions’
    • ‘Some are good sellers but bad closers/administrators, and vice versa.’
    • ‘These are the thought leaders, the business developers and closers.’
    • ‘Chasing the American dream, these men discover that there's no room for losers, only closers.’
    • ‘What are top closers doing to make 2010 better than the last two dismal years?’
    • ‘Find better ways to motivate your closers than reminding them that third prize in this month's sales contest is "You're fired."’
    • ‘We don't need to hear about your deal closers, breakups, conquests, family troubles, or heartfelt admissions.’
    • ‘Put that coffee down—coffee is for closers.’
    • ‘They call them the closers, those attorneys who are chosen to close the prosecution's case.’
    • ‘You're seeing a Congress that needs some real closers to get us over these very big, important fiscal challenges ahead.’
    • ‘That ad sought loan specialists, closers, and candidates for other positions.’
  • 3Baseball
    A reliable relief pitcher who enters a game in the final innings, typically to preserve a slim lead.

    ‘he could develop into a big-league closer’
    ‘one of the game's highest-paid closers’
    • ‘Without their closers, the Red Sox proceeded to throw away a series of games in which they held commanding leads.’
    • ‘After those hiccups, there were questions about whether the dominant Rivera had turned into a mortal closer.’
    • ‘His three straight seasons with 20 or more saves put him in good company with the top closers in the business.’
    • ‘The bullpen has about four potential closers and will give the Rangers a host of wins.’
    • ‘His induction should finally open the doors of Cooperstown for other stud closers, who have otherwise been overlooked up to this point.’
    • ‘His acquisition excited the fans, but he has long been a lucky closer who can't strike anyone out.’
    • ‘Both these teams have great pitching, great middle relief, and great closers at a payroll that they can afford.’
    • ‘They have one quality starting pitcher and a closer who's more likely to hit the mascot than the strike zone.’
    • ‘He remains one of the most exciting closers in the game, and the young rotation is only improving.’
    • ‘A closer's ERA can skyrocket pretty quickly since they usually only pitch an inning per outing.’