Definition of closeout in US English:



  • usually as modifier A sale of goods at reduced prices to get rid of superfluous stock.

    ‘a closeout sale’
    ‘closeout prices’
    • ‘We'll see how good the closeout sales are.’
    • ‘Your basic system will cost about $149.00 (plus installation) and can be found even cheaper if you look for specials or closeouts.’
    • ‘Many of these close-out sales will offer great laptops at reduced prices.’
    • ‘Watch out for great close-out or liquidation sales and don't forget to check out refurbished laptops.’
    • ‘And if none of these options will do, you can still get CDs cheap at your local Sam Goody closeout sale.’
    • ‘Anyway, I bought the E. T. cartridge shortly after the crash in 1984 at a Sears closeout store for only $2.’
    • ‘The last day was grim, with a succession of closeout sales clearing out all but the most shunned of merchandise.’
    • ‘The Internet also makes him aware of closeout items where his clients can get great prices on products or brands that might usually be out of their price range.’