Definition of closed season in English:

closed season


North American
  • A period between specified dates when fishing or the killing of particular game is officially forbidden.

    • ‘However, it was the closed season for swordfish and he therefore had to do this under cover of darkness in order not to be detected by the port police.’
    • ‘One of the most immediate questions is whether we need a closed season for stags at all as there are no real welfare issues involved.’
    • ‘After all, game fishing has a closed season to allow trout and salmon to get on with their reproductive cycle.’
    • ‘The coarse angling reports will continue during the closed season for game fish, as anglers report any catches.’
    • ‘Apart from some exceptions, the stag season runs for nine months of the year with a closed season in May, June and July, while open season for hinds is November through to February.’
    • ‘In fisheries and wildlife commissions the purpose of these is to establish conservation methods, such as closed seasons or catch limitation practices.’
    • ‘Wilf explained that there are closed seasons for both salmon and brown trout.’
    • ‘The Deer Commission is on dangerous ground in calling for abolition of the closed season for stalking stags and extending the open season for shooting hinds.’
    • ‘This form of hunting is the only form of fox control that recognises a closed season.’
    • ‘He predicted the extermination of most western game unless hunters observed closed seasons or bag limits.’
    • ‘It is also the only form of fox control that recognises a closed season, in which mothers and young are left alone.’
    • ‘Because they don't breed in most English waters, they can be fished legally in winter, which is the closed season for native brown trout.’
    • ‘They might be able to declare their fishing grounds to be a Marine Protected Area or designate a certain time of the year to be a closed season.’


closed season

/ˈklōzd ˌsēzən//ˈkloʊzd ˌsizən/