Definition of closed-circuit television in US English:

closed-circuit television

(also CCTV)


  • A television system in which the video signals are transmitted from one or more cameras by cable to a restricted set of monitors.

    • ‘The three-way system is linked to closed-circuit television camera operators and the police to keep tabs on offenders' movements.’
    • ‘All three were recorded on video tape by closed-circuit television systems.’
    • ‘During a standard review of the week's closed-circuit television security tapes, security guards notice what appears to be an employee escorting an unknown individual into the building several nights in a row.’
    • ‘One such protective measure is closed-circuit television, in which a live television link enables child witnesses to testify in a room outside the courtroom.’
    • ‘A council spokesman confirmed that the closed-circuit television security system failed to record anything.’
    • ‘I think there is enough evidence from the eye witnesses and closed-circuit television footage to enable us to do that.’
    • ‘In one experiment, mothers and babies were in separate rooms but able to see and hear each other via closed-circuit television.’
    • ‘Both internal and external approaches to the gate are covered by closed-circuit television cameras, and an automated number-plate recognition system is in place and will go ‘live’ shortly.’
    • ‘Police installed closed-circuit television cameras throughout the area three years ago in ‘Operation Safe City’.’
    • ‘She said the crocodile was being monitored by closed-circuit television cameras and that footage would be displayed on television monitors so visitors to the farm could see what it was doing.’
    • ‘The improvements will include new closed-circuit television cameras and waiting rooms.’
    • ‘The patient will be alone in a shielded treatment room, but the therapist is in continuous contact through closed-circuit television and a two-way intercom system.’
    detector, scanner, recorder
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closed-circuit television

/ˌkloʊzdˌsərkət ˈtɛləˌvɪʒən//ˌklōzdˌsərkət ˈteləˌviZHən/