Definition of close something down (or close down) in US English:

close something down (or close down)

phrasal verb

  • Cause to cease or cease business or operation, especially permanently.

    ‘the government promised to close down the nuclear plants within twenty years’
    • ‘The old facilities were closed down and are not in operation any more.’
    • ‘On current plans, over the next two decades, the UK will lose around nine gigawatts of generation capacity, as the old nuclear reactors are closed down.’
    • ‘Since then a large number of operating plants were closed down.’
    • ‘Following the latest vandalism attack on Dungarvan's Day Care Centre, there are increasing fears that management may be forced to close it down permanently.’
    • ‘Britain's ageing nuclear power stations will have to be closed down soon.’
    • ‘Seven of our 10 hospital theatres have been closed down because we do not have any money to do operations.’
    • ‘They had closed many cinemas down and were dismantling projectors for scrap.’
    • ‘However, it would not be difficult to close the company down should it break its commitment, he said.’
    • ‘I suspect that those people will stay at home, and a lot of those businesses will be closed down as a result.’
    • ‘I am thinking very hard about closing my businesses down because of it.’
    • ‘If you fail to follow the rules your business will be closed down permanently.’
    close, shut down, cease activity, cease production, cease operating, come to a halt, cease trading
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