Definition of close (or shut) up shop in US English:

close (or shut) up shop


  • 1Cease business or operation, either temporarily or permanently.

    ‘the cafes must shut up shop by July 22’
    • ‘Business was relatively slow at several shopping centers in Glodok and Mangga Dua, West Jakarta, with many vendors deciding to close up shop, allowing the usually busy areas to become quiet for the rest of the day.’
    • ‘But on May 31, he will close up shop for the last time, a victim of falling prices, cutthroat competition, and sluggish consumer demand.’
    • ‘When their business fails, they close up shop and disappear.’
    • ‘Several business owners have been forced to close up shop, laying off workers and perpetuating Haiti's cycle of poverty, she said.’
    • ‘But industry watchers say that may favor established players such as his company because some of the upstarts of the go-go years may be forced to close up shop as business slips.’
    • ‘Normally I would have to close up shop at about 5: 30, but lately, I have been closing at 7 pm or even later.’
    • ‘Lift trade restrictions that limit domestic competition and mom-and-pop retailers will close up shop.’
    • ‘I was just about to close up shop for the day, so let's go home.’
    • ‘Mrs Anderson said: ‘I may have to close up shop if guests cannot park here, it makes me so cross.’’
    • ‘The number of visitors has dropped sharply since the disaster, and has forced some traders to close up shop.’
    1. 1.1informal Stop some activity.
      ‘rather than close up shop, the team has returned to fighting trim’
      • ‘If after two years of digging he hasn't found any other crimes, he has an obligation to close up shop.’
      • ‘Once women won the right to vote in 1920, many predicted that having achieved its objective, the women's movement would close up shop and fade away.’
      • ‘Finally, with a deficit topping $100,000, the board decided to close up shop.’
      • ‘Karl Kinser didn't close up shop when Steve headed south.’
      • ‘But it's no reason for the world's population control movement to close up shop.’
      • ‘I'm ready to run home and tell our members to close up shop.’
      • ‘A large percentage of operations are located in these narrow valleys, so they will have to relocate to wider valleys or close up shop.’
      • ‘Then it will close up shop and pull its people out.’
      • ‘For those of you not in the field, I can say without exaggeration that we'd have to close up shop without it.’
      • ‘The way the public and some critics have been carrying on about Richter, all other pianists - one gets the idea - should close up shop.’