Definition of close-mouthed in US English:


(also close-lipped)


  • Reticent; discreet.

    ‘the candidates have been close-mouthed about their fund-raising goals’
    • ‘The openhearted man lived surrounded by bitter, close-mouthed enemies.…’
    • ‘He is always very close-mouthed about school when he first leaves it.’
    • ‘And anyone who says that she is standoffish, too serious and close-mouthed most likely has seen her only in performance when she's got one thing alone on her mind: if I'm going to do it, I'm going to give it my all.’
    • ‘They've been sort of close-mouthed about the formulation of their fuel like any other commercial project.’
    • ‘The fertilizer industry at the time was extremely close-mouthed when it came to sharing information on how they produced various fertilizers.’
    • ‘The company was close-mouthed when it came to quoting prices for the service because ‘every one of these is really a customized proposal.’’
    • ‘Unfortunately, he's relatively close-mouthed on the issue.’
    • ‘Seriously Aspen, it's really bugging me how close-mouthed you are, you have to tell me, or I can't understand.’
    • ‘Once on horseback, however, his focus had turned inward, and he'd become close-lipped.’
    • ‘He sure is pretty close-lipped about his accomplishments.’
    • ‘He's a particularly close-mouthed politician, and when he does speak, it is almost always to distract and dissemble.’
    • ‘While the police have been quite close-lipped to Anna herself, her father seems to be getting more information.’
    • ‘Proctor was a little strange and very close-mouthed about his past.’
    reticent, quiet, uncommunicative, unforthcoming, private, secretive, tight-lipped, close-lipped, guarded, evasive
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