Definition of clop in US English:


nounPlural clops

  • A sound or series of sounds made by a horse's hooves on a hard surface.

    • ‘He heard the ruffle of feathers and the clop of hooves behind him.’
    • ‘If you stand quietly and let your imagination run away, you can hear the creak of carts, the clop of hooves on the cobbles, and the voices of animals and people.’
    • ‘The clop of their hooves and the jingle of the harness was rhythmic, almost soothing.’
    • ‘The only sounds Gitty could hear were the clops of Nestle's hooves, galloping down the empty road.’
    • ‘She healed her own head and began to remove his bandages as she heard the clop and scrape of hooves and talons.’
    • ‘There was a clop of hooves against the marble floor, and in walked Unie.’
    • ‘He was still wearing his shoes, which made obvious clips and clops on the stone-tiled road, while his creator was barefoot.’
    • ‘Every clop of her horse's hooves seemed to echo through the vast, empty space of the village.’
    • ‘‘I will,’ she said softly, though she wasn't sure if he heard her over the clop of his horse's hooves.’
    • ‘Except for the clop of the horses' hooves on the hard-packed dirt road and the sound of the wind in the fields, all was silent.’
    • ‘I could hear the clop, clop, clop of their hooves on the floor in the hallway.’
    • ‘Behind him, Hank could hear the hollow clop of tiny hooves approaching.’
    • ‘They kept riding, the clop of the hooves and hum of the city giving her a safer feeling.’
    • ‘Buggies and omnibuses swarmed the street, filling it with the clop of hooves and creak of wheels and thick, sharp smell of dung.’
    • ‘Beside him he could hear the thundering clop of Chubb's hooves; the rumbling roar of the buggy to his rear.’
    • ‘As she sat in the Sallacks's carriage minutes later, listening to the clop of hooves, she thought back over the night's events.’
    • ‘He could walk around in his mind, but every step he took, he noticed that there was a magnified clop that followed.’
    • ‘There was only the heavy breathing of both men, and the clop, clop of Dragon's hooves.’
    • ‘He was startled suddenly out of his deep thoughts by the clop of hooves.’
    • ‘Hoof beats sounded up ahead and the two recognized the heavy clop of unicorn hooves.’

verbclopped, clopping, clops

  • no object, with adverbial of direction (of a horse) move with a clop.

    ‘the animal clopped on at a steady pace’
    • ‘Her heavy footsteps clopped off into the distance and the room was silent.’
    • ‘Dafyd nearly relaxed but then heard a horse's hooves clopping towards him.’
    • ‘The dark caverns flew by her as her shoes clopped behind her.’
    • ‘She clopped over in her loafer shoes, opened the screen door, and stepped out into the dusk.’
    • ‘Brett followed along behind me, his large skater shoes clopping against the shiny floors.’
    • ‘Morgan and Leana, after hearing the rubber soles of Brian's shoes clopping, stopped mid-kiss.’
    • ‘Like the trusty steed that he was, Blackgale clopped down the road, and before too long, she was at the gates of Zetapol.’
    • ‘The human walked through his door and closed it, leaving a rhythm of shoes clopping on down the hallway as he went.’
    • ‘There came presently the sound of bare feet again, and then a different sound altogether, leather boots clopping onto stone.’
    • ‘A pack of horses were storming away, their hooves clopping on the cobblestone, waking Kalarae.’
    • ‘Then they heard horse feet clopping on pavement.’
    • ‘His sandals clopped on the tile as he approached a small table underneath a wide umbrella and set his tray on it with a smile.’
    • ‘We could hear his footsteps clopping up the stairs and echoing down the upstairs hall.’
    • ‘Now, I'm walking the path into the gym, my heavy shoes clopping on the pavement.’
    • ‘Her heels clopped dreadfully on the stone floor, so she whispered a silent word, rolling her eyes, and they made no more noise.’
    • ‘His horse clopped wildly away from him, but he was no longer moving with it.’
    • ‘Hundreds of feet clopped against the cobblestones of the road, adding the gentle clip-clop to the swelling voices.’
    • ‘His footsteps echoed through the hall, clopping on the cedar wood floor.’
    • ‘Another train of sighing, blowing horses came clopping up towards us, laden with empty US Mail boxes.’
    • ‘She tossed her head and slowed as Mische clopped up to halt beside her.’


Mid 19th century: imitative.