Definition of clodhopping in US English:



  • Foolish, awkward, or clumsy.

    • ‘But I shook my head steadily from side to side and kept my toes curled tightly so that even if they used force they would never get those clodhopping shoes on me.’
    • ‘Not because they're a bunch of clodhopping yokels - well, not entirely - but because rabbits have the ability to destroy their precious island.’
    • ‘A clodhopping version of Chase, the Moroder's theme from Midnight Express, only diminishes the enterprise.’
    • ‘In the Indian tradition, their form of dance could be tripping the light fantastic above ours, not clodhopping beneath.’
    • ‘It makes something like The Hours, or worse, Far from Heaven, look very clodhopping indeed.’
    uncivilized, uncultured, uncultivated, unrefined, unpolished, unsophisticated, common, low, plebeian, philistine, rough, coarse, provincial, rustic, crude, gross, loutish, hooligan, boorish, oafish
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