Definition of clock speed in US English:

clock speed


  • The operating speed of a computer or its microprocessor, defined as the rate at which it performs internal operations and expressed in cycles per second (megahertz).

    • ‘The core clock speed and memory interface speeds of the slower cards have yet to be determined, according to the spokesman.’
    • ‘However the clock speed of the CPU matters much less then the video card at higher settings.’
    • ‘After all, a clock speed of 2200 MHz should not be any sort of a problem for a 0.13 micron design.’
    • ‘Its successor, the Prescott, is slated to offer a clock speed of 4 GHz by end of year, but it runs hot.’
    • ‘The higher the clock speed, the faster the computer will process applications and data.’


clock speed

/klɑk spid/