Definition of clock-watch in US English:



[no object]often as noun clock-watching
  • (of an employee) be overly eager not to work more than one's allotted hours.

    ‘you'll not find any mention of clock-watching in my references’
    • ‘He objected to the time limit and threatened £40 fine for transgressors because his wife has trouble getting around and they found it hard to shop while clock-watching.’
    • ‘They admit that clock-watching became the norm.’
    • ‘Hayley Turner and Saleem Golam are clock-watching for a different reason at present.’
    • ‘Without sufficient challenges, workers run the risk of rust out, in which they get bored and start clock-watching - that is stressful in itself.’
    • ‘Very few employees will sit there and clock-watch.’
    • ‘Only 14% agree that teachers are clock-watching and inflexible about the contract changes that accompanied their pay rise last year.’
    • ‘The clock-watching gimmick is audacious but not entirely original.’
    • ‘Her brief does not appear to have included clock-watching or time and motion.’
    • ‘After months monitoring the ruling group's agendas for executive meetings, the Diary can reveal an alarming amount of council clock-watching.’
    • ‘Hide your alarm clock under the bed - clock-watching is not conducive to a good night's sleep.’
    • ‘Access sounds formal, rather than normal: it conjures up pictures of awkward meetings on doorsteps for the handover and clock-watching.’
    • ‘Now I seem to be clock-watching, waiting for 3: 50 pm.’
    • ‘On the question of clock-watching, let me quote from the agreement.’
    • ‘There just isn't enough going on up here to have us clock-watching, eating on the job, dodging sessions at the gym to add a final touch to that report or essay.’
    • ‘This can be achieved without drudgery, clock-watching and mindless, boring repetitions.’
    • ‘When he found himself clock-watching, he taped a piece of cardboard over the clock face so that he wouldn't be distracted.’