Definition of clivia in US English:



  • A southern African plant of the lily family, with dark green straplike leaves and trumpet-shaped orange, red, or yellow flowers.

    Genus Clivia, family Liliaceae (or Amaryllidaceae)

    Also called Kaffir lily
    • ‘It is planted with many varieties of Cape fynbos, cycads, huge strelitzias, beds of clivias, large arum lilies, proteas and trees such as yellowwood and cabbage.’
    • ‘My clivia's leaves become spotted, discolored, turn brown and then die.’
    • ‘Star jasmine trained in a diamond pattern against the wall, yellow clivia, and dwarf abutilon in hanging baskets add interest lower down.’
    • ‘The base of the trees are planted with clivias, cannas, wild rhubarb, agapanthus, shrimp plants.’
    • ‘‘She also saw clivias which she said was one of her favourites because of the orange flowers,’ said Mr Gill.’


Modern Latin, from Clive, the maiden name of Charlotte, Duchess of Northumberland (1787–1866).