Definition of cliquey in English:



  • (of a group or place) tending to form or hold exclusive groups and so not welcoming to outsiders.

    ‘a lot of boys grew up together, and the school was cliquey’
    ‘this kind of cliquey behaviour hindered information sharing’
    • ‘Initially, I was put off by thinking that everyone would be really good and it would be really cliquey, but it's not.’
    • ‘They are insular, cliquey and clannish, yet they worm their way into the highest positions of power in their adopted countries.’
    • ‘Amy, 12, fell victim to her cliquey friends and admits in total embarrassment, ‘I joined in on it.’’
    • ‘I wasn't a cliquey person, and I think that's because I came from a large family.’
    • ‘I don't mean this in an elitist or cliquey way, for there can surely be no elite or clique in Manchester.’
    • ‘The one thing I'd always seen with Great Britain teams of the past is that they'd been kind of cliquey.’
    • ‘Like the strap-line, the website immediately came across as cliquey.’
    • ‘Vancouver is fragmented and a bit cliquey, but I'm part of a clique.’
    • ‘Maybe we weren't supposed to, but the evening seems to be taking on a rather cliquey feel.’
    • ‘Of course all teenagers are cliquey and can be cruel.’
    • ‘I didn't quite like Aaron that much, especially since he is known to be quite cliquey, I must admit.’
    • ‘‘We have only been showing for seven years, and it can be a very cliquey industry, so for comparatively ‘little’ people, this is a huge achievement.’’
    • ‘I care more about people and not their cliquey groups, cultural fears and apathy.’
    • ‘For one you don't have to wear ridiculous clothes and be cliquey.’
    • ‘The bar staff seem more intent on having shots themselves than actually serving customers, and the crowd is too cliquey.’