Definition of clipping in US English:



often clippings
  • 1A small piece trimmed from something.

    ‘hedge clippings and grass cuttings’
    • ‘Over sod or very weedy areas, I lay down cardboard then cover it with straw, hay, grass clippings or wood chips.’
    • ‘When I tried buying bunches of parsley, I found that many of the leaves smelt and tasted remarkably like grass clippings.’
    • ‘This is why it is such a shame so many of us don't bother, simply chucking out our grass cuttings and hedge clippings with the rest of the household rubbish.’
    • ‘Would the Baseball Hall of Fame be interested in receiving the toenail clippings of a certain star player?’
    • ‘Cape resembles an inverted umbrella to catch clippings as you trim, so neck, clothes and floor are protected.’
    • ‘A hairdresser had his bank balance trimmed by more than £1,000 for dumping a bag of clippings in the street.’
    • ‘The clippings from these low hedges were then strewn on the floor for the same purpose.’
    • ‘The drummer - in looks and playing style - appears to have been cloned from one of Dave Grohl's toenail clippings.’
    • ‘Spread an old sheet or piece of plastic along the length of the hedge to pick up clippings.’
    • ‘Use kitchen vegetable waste, plus ‘tougher’ garden residues such as leaves, grass clippings and hedge prunings.’
    • ‘Mowing no more than one-third of the leaf blade minimizes the stress on the grass and produces shorter clippings.’
    • ‘Counter just trims his shrubs every autumn, and uses the clippings as mulch.’
    • ‘Large chunks of bark last the longest, while grass clippings and shredded leaves need frequent replacement.’
    • ‘Will the recycling depots accept all garden rubbish irrespective of type, ie grass cuttings, hedge clippings?’
    • ‘Remember to mix grass clippings with other garden wastes in the compost heap to avoid them becoming slimy, stagnant and smelly.’
    • ‘The character is a certain greenness of aroma and flavour that at its worst is like fresh-cut grass, or even hedge clippings.’
    • ‘We could've been talking about toenail clippings and I would have been riveted.’
    • ‘Any compost containing grass clippings is used for field crops only.’
    • ‘To keep the soil from falling out of the wire, tuck a barrier of grass clippings or straw around the inside edges of the frame before adding the soil.’
    • ‘She said a dirty beaker was left under his bed for three weeks, while toenail clippings remained on the floor for three days.’
    cuttings, clippings, parings, shavings, ends
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    1. 1.1 An article cut from a newspaper or magazine.
      • ‘Now my friends are constantly sending me newspaper clippings that low carb is a fad that is dying out and telling me to cut my losses and close the business.’
      • ‘She had taped and pasted the various clippings, articles and newspaper photos only a few days ago.’
      • ‘Photocopies of UP press sheets and a few newspaper clippings document the Shelton gang of southern Illinois.’
      • ‘Other documents include letters, newspaper clippings, and photographs.’
      • ‘The contents were old photographs and more newspaper clippings.’
      • ‘Neri gave him a folder filled with newspaper clippings, pictures and printouts of documents.’
      • ‘Many of Gadsby's exploits have been documented by local historians, augmented by faded newspaper clippings.’
      • ‘Just use decoupage glue to paste newspaper or magazine clippings on a $2 wooden box.’
      • ‘One is full of clippings from newspaper and magazines of Dad; one is full of clippings from newspapers and magazines of Mum.’
      • ‘It was black, just like her room, but the ceiling was covered in multiple newspaper clippings with certain words highlighted in colours.’
      • ‘Steve opened the drawer under his desk and pulled out a pile of magazines and newspaper clippings.’
      • ‘Abbey opened the plastic bag and found an assortment of newspaper and magazine clippings.’
      • ‘Unable to watch news reports on the disaster, she collected newspaper clippings, but couldn't look at them for several months.’
      • ‘Posters, newspaper clippings, and magazine interviews littered his walls.’
      • ‘Newspaper clippings from the underground press during the emergency are also included.’
      • ‘The film ends with a montage of newspaper clippings about American involvement over the next two decades, but its impact is muted.’
      • ‘Upstairs there is a collage of yellowing contemporary newspaper and magazine clippings, and a large photograph of our hero.’
      • ‘Reade, for instance, created mountainous archives in preparation for his work, with newspaper clippings and other research materials.’
      • ‘He has made a point over many years of keeping clippings files of articles from major newspapers.’
      • ‘The list is compiled based on earnings, feature articles, press clippings and Web hits.’
      cutting, extract, excerpt, snippet, fragment, piece
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