Definition of clip-on in US English:



  • Attached by a clip so as to be easy to fasten or remove.

    ‘a clip-on bow tie’
    • ‘An additional feature is the new clip-on visor.’
    • ‘In addition, the ship's welfare fund had purchased 350 miniature, clip-on koalas bearing the ANF for distribution to the children encountered on the deployment.’
    • ‘A small metal ring fastened with a clip-on ball may also be used.’
    • ‘I have to remove one glitzy clip-on earring every time I answer the phone.’
    • ‘As might be expected, the uniform was very starchy with a pinny and clip-on collar.’
    • ‘Why couldn't Jess have got us the clip-on kind of ties?’
    • ‘We climbed into oilskins, life jackets and clip-on safety harnesses, and became fellow shipmates for the day-night crossing.’
    • ‘So it was me alone in a tiny room, with an earpiece and clip-on microphone, staring at a fuzzy blob that purported to be a camera.’
    • ‘Attached to the dummy is an adjustable frame that holds your ski boot via a clip such as those used with clip-on crampons.’
    • ‘She had clip-on nose and lip rings and various makeup applied to her face.’
    • ‘Mr Tang should learn the tricks of his trade and wear clip-on ties!’
    • ‘Hats are in, shoes are brown and highly polished, and elasticated clip-on braces seem to be making a comeback.’
    • ‘Make sure you only ever wear a quick release clip-on tie unless you want to end up getting strangled by your own tie.’
    • ‘However, some cabbies are up in arms over plans for them to wear clip-on ties instead, which they say still represent a danger.’
    • ‘So put that on, and dig out some of those out-of-date clip-on Adidas pants which you insist are something of a fashionable item.’
    • ‘There I was every Sunday, in a jacket and clip-on tie, singing along with the other second-graders that Jesus loved me and that I knew it because the Bible told me so.’
    • ‘At the National Television Awards, there was a young presenter sporting a clip-on bow tie.’
    • ‘He is wearing a chocolate brown moleskin suit, a dark shirt and tartan clip-on braces, one of which has come adrift.’
    • ‘Resolution will get much better in four years, and I bet these clip-on cameras will look pretty funny in a few years too.’
    • ‘Though experts say the clip-on hair extensions are easy to work with, you can have a hairdresser apply them if you prefer.’


usually clip-ons
  • Things, especially sunglasses or earrings, that are attached by clips.

    • ‘‘It's a clip-on,’ she said then she demonstrated to Lily exactly how to do it.’
    • ‘At least the clip-ons would be attached in two places and would have less leverage and force against them.’
    • ‘Devin leaned out and pulled the earrings off - they were clip-ons, thankfully.’
    • ‘I should've got a clip-on, but Dad hadn't reminded us of this event until that morning.’
    • ‘There are two kinds of leashes: clip-ons, which can be removed from the tool, and permanently attached cinch-downs.’
    • ‘Hair Replacement Centers offer clip-ons from $19.50 to $269 for a kit.’
    • ‘Why did she wear clip-ons, but the holes for her piercings were plainly visible when her ears were naked?’
    • ‘If she wears clip-ons relatively frequently, it is quite possible that the holes are closing up a little.’
    • ‘Taking a set of clip-ons from his pocket he placed the teeth on his own, then hissed at another set of girls.’
    • ‘Whereas the clip-on is from China, the necklace and the box come from Taiwan.’
    • ‘He said you should not use clip-ons with any lightweight bars.’
    • ‘Then see how cute the little playground mauler looks with a pair of cubic zirconia clip-ons.’
    • ‘But I was thinking… I know the clip-ons hurt your ears, and you've sort of out grown those stickers.’
    • ‘Buy the tie now and practice, but get a clip-on just in case.’
    • ‘It also offers a very broad range of accessories including batteries, headsets, add-ons and clip-ons.’