Definition of Clintonite in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the former US president Bill Clinton or his policies.

    ‘a Clintonite foreign policy’
    • ‘He was equally critical of the Clintonite legacy, but Iowa and New Hampshire didn't vote for him in the end.’
    • ‘The Clintonite Democratic Leadership Council warned earlier this year that he was "unelectable" and this week criticised his "light-on-issues, heavy-on-anger presidential effort".’
    • ‘An autumn reshuffle of the campaign team and the arrival of several Clintonite veterans did little to halt the president's momentum.’
    • ‘It is most unlikely that the party can sustain their Clintonite triangulation in the face of serious scrutiny.’
    • ‘He'll likely continue a Clintonite foreign policy, albeit with minor changes.’


  • A supporter of the former US president Bill Clinton or his policies.

    ‘our current governor is a former Clintonite’
    • ‘The Clintonites also didn't assume the glorious employment boom of the late '90s would last forever.’
    • ‘Clintonites began to argue more explicitly that "values [must come] before interests".’
    • ‘The administration started a whispering campaign that undermined his credibility and labeled him a "Clintonite".’
    • ‘It's clear from the outset that he is, in some broad sense, a Clintonite, but he doesn't bully the reader into any particular frame of political analysis.’
    • ‘Most people assumed he would be a loyal Clintonite given his long history with them.’