Definition of clinically in English:



  • 1In a way that relates to the observation and treatment of actual patients rather than theoretical or laboratory studies.

    ‘a clinically proven effective treatment’
    ‘the product would be developed and clinically tested in Denmark’
    • ‘Late last year, the company unveiled the first orange juice clinically proven to help lower cholesterol.’
    • ‘Provided he has approached his diagnosis in a clinically appropriate manner, corroboration is irrelevant and possibly misleading.’
    • ‘These inhibitors are currently used clinically for the treatment of congestive heart failure.’
    • ‘Adding a small amount of inulin to the diet has been clinically proven to boost the body's absorption of calcium.’
    • ‘About 150 million Western Europeans and Americans are clinically diagnosed as overweight.’
    • ‘The oral administration of these drugs had been shown to be clinically effective in treating several medical disorders of excess bone destruction.’
    • ‘This shall not include sales and disposals for experimental purposes or for purposes of clinically or otherwise testing any product.’
    • ‘Drug studies show a modest but clinically meaningful effect on PTSD.’
    • ‘He points out that the drug had already been clinically evaluated.’
    • ‘The mad cow disease that has been transmitted is clinically indistinguishable from scrapie.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that causes observable and recognizable symptoms.
      ‘this is manifested clinically as a heart attack’
      ‘he has been diagnosed as clinically depressed’
      • ‘These participants have been clinically impaired and accurately represent the population of youth with conduct problems.’
      • ‘You're actually clinically insane, aren't you?’
      • ‘The smokers in this population did not have hypertension or clinically evident atherosclerosis.’
      • ‘If the infant is clinically ill, cultures should be obtained and the usual systemic antibiotics should be given.’
      • ‘The other type of drug user is the chronic, heavy drug abuser who is likely clinically addicted, and suffering harm.’
      • ‘Some were classified as clinically distressed.’
      • ‘Psychophysiological validation of this scale may well require the use of a clinically dysfunctional group.’
      • ‘The control sheep in group 1 remained clinically healthy during the experiment.’
      • ‘According to the WHO, nearly 300 million people around the world are clinically obese.’
      • ‘Problem-drinking interventions should take a broader approach, rather than focusing only on those who are clinically alcoholic.’
  • 2In a very efficient and detached way.

    ‘they calmly and clinically documented the ongoing destruction’
    ‘they used murder as a cold-blooded and clinically calculated means to a political end’
    • ‘It seems to wipe the mind clean with its sequence of progressive hypnotic hums—it's very wired and weird and clinically executed.’
    • ‘He was staring down at her on the bed clinically, as though assessing a specimen on a slide.’
    • ‘A number of participants expressed anxiety about the unrelenting succession of such clinically cold depictions of corporeal trauma.’
    • ‘There has never been a champion who so consistently and clinically made hacks of all his rivals.’
    • ‘I think that's just one way that we all have to deal with life—sometimes it's clinically.’
    • ‘They were once clinically naive students imagining how best to craft their future careers.’
    • ‘They remain clinically aloof to physical procreation.’
    • ‘He looks at the films in a clinically unbiased manner.’
    • ‘We study the oncoming tragedy objectively, clinically, for the next 90 minutes.’
    • ‘This particular song has the band sounding clinically unconcerned with expectation.’
    1. 2.1usually as submodifier In a bare, functional, and clean way.
      ‘the clinically clean kitchen design is curiously devoid of atmosphere’
      ‘a clinically lit room’
      • ‘The almost clinically unadorned kitchen has a rigorously adhered to white-and-crimson color scheme.’
      • ‘The three generous bedrooms are all en suite with clinically neat and modern bathrooms.’
      • ‘The more clinically meticulous your work is, the more you'll do for consumers and your program.’
      • ‘The next four weeks will be very busy fitting it out with furniture and equipment and making it clinically clean.’
      • ‘The movie opens with a clinically simple frame of the doctor at Indiana University in the late thirties.’
      • ‘The building’s clinically austere atmosphere gives way to a riot of color and sound as the arcade explodes against the senses.’
      • ‘From her clinically bare room, she re-evaluates what matters most to her.’
      • ‘The premises are usually clinically sterile, the ambience unattractive, the senior management smug and arrogant, and their customers frustrated.’
      • ‘Make it your top priority to have the lawns and gardens perfectly manicured and the house clinically spotless for the holidays.’
      • ‘It means we may no longer have to choose between ergonomic but clinically dull cars, and pleasure-giving but dangerous cars.’