Definition of clinical psychology in US English:

clinical psychology


  • The branch of psychology concerned with the assessment and treatment of mental illness and disability.

    • ‘A great deal of modern social and clinical psychology took shape through the study of food habits.’
    • ‘Health psychology and clinical psychology have also provided expertise on stress, health and mental health.’
    • ‘But the majority of professional development courses and documentation related to cultural issues for psychology is geared to clinical psychology.’
    • ‘The authors show how developments in clinical psychology can be extended to I / O psychology and hopefully improve training effectiveness.’
    • ‘Only about 40 percent of these coaches have training in clinical psychology, according to the International Coach Federation.’
    • ‘I earned my PhD in clinical psychology from Harvard in 1970 and came to the University of Maine, where I'm now professor of psychology.’
    • ‘As a profession, clinical psychology almost reflexively articulates only its role in mental health when describing its potential contributions to health.’
    • ‘John is an internationally recognised expert in the study of addiction and has research expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics, psychometrics and clinical psychology.’
    • ‘Largely, psychologists who are ‘listees’ of the CRHSPP are graduates from programs of clinical psychology and counselling psychology.’
    • ‘A number of prominent psychologists have addressed the educational and practice trends in clinical psychology.’
    • ‘The subsequent 12 chapters are collected in three sections relating to criminal procedure, forensic clinical psychology, and forensic civil psychology.’
    • ‘As the director of Emory's clinical psychology program, Westen is both a clinician and an active researcher.’
    • ‘Doctoral training programs that blend school, counseling and clinical psychology find their voice.’
    • ‘The highest number of PhD's granted in 2000 were in clinical psychology - 39 percent.’
    • ‘Present the field of clinical psychology as one that emphasizes individual responsibility and freedom to choose.’
    • ‘Cognitive behaviour theories in clinical psychology, however, may have an enduring effect on the training research of I / O psychologists.’
    • ‘In August 2001, Casillas began her first year as a doctoral student in clinical psychology at USD after completing her master's degree.’
    • ‘The work of CIA psychologists is grounded firmly in traditional clinical psychology and accepted professional practices.’
    • ‘We also sought to provide relevant information to instructors of students in clinical psychology in preparation for prescription privileges for psychologists.’
    • ‘My experience has been in clinical psychology and my work has been with adults, children, and families.’


clinical psychology

/ˈklinəkəl sīˈkäləjē/