Definition of clinic in US English:



  • 1An establishment or hospital department where outpatients are given medical treatment or advice, especially of a specialist nature.

    ‘a mental health clinic’
    • ‘Many children receive chemotherapy on an outpatient basis at a clinic or hospital.’
    • ‘Women were identified through hospital computer systems and the records of midwives and clerks in hospital and community antenatal clinics.’
    • ‘Rituximab is usually given by a doctor or nurse in the hospital or an outpatient clinic.’
    • ‘These treatments require instruction by a specialist nurse or doctor and are usually only prescribed at specialist hospital clinics.’
    • ‘All these subjects were hospitalized or were seen at the outpatient clinic of our department.’
    • ‘HIV treatment is managed by specialist outpatient clinics, staffed by doctors, nurses and other health professionals.’
    • ‘The authors studied patients who were referred to specialized hospital clinics for the treatment of venous ulcers.’
    • ‘You can receive biofeedback training in physical therapy clinics, medical centers and hospitals.’
    • ‘It can be done in a clinic, hospital outpatient department or doctor's surgery.’
    • ‘Light box treatment is usually carried out in outpatient clinics in your local hospital.’
    • ‘Thank goodness doctors and nurses working in large hospitals and medical clinics are not allowed such a broad stroke interpretation of the law.’
    • ‘Now the ‘safety net’ will give private medical clinics, hospitals and specialists a blank cheque to raise their fees more quickly.’
    • ‘These are in addition to conventional healthcare sites, such as health centres, antenatal clinics, general practice surgeries, and hospitals.’
    • ‘Community orders would compel mentally ill patients living in the community to attend a clinic or hospital for treatment.’
    • ‘We selected patients by examining all referral letters to the hospital's gastroenterology outpatient clinics and open access endoscopy service.’
    • ‘Fewer than half of the patients referred to emergency departments and cardiac outpatient clinics have heart disease.’
    • ‘Screening instruments are used commonly in specialty clinics and mental health settings.’
    • ‘During her time at St Barnabas, it flourished as a hospital with a busy outpatient department and four clinics, one 40 miles distant.’
    • ‘Outpatient therapy is provided at hospitals, clinics and some nursing homes.’
    • ‘It has hospitals, medical clinics, a mental health research institute, and two public broadcasting stations.’
    medical centre, health centre, outpatients' department, surgery, doctor's, polyclinic
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    1. 1.1British An occasion or time when outpatients are given medical treatment.
      ‘we're now holding regular clinics’
      • ‘Women who attended the antenatal clinics of a medical center in the United Kingdom were recruited for the study.’
      • ‘Referral to a wheelchair clinic for specialist seating advice is also important at the appropriate stage of the condition.’
      • ‘Doctors have now put her on a two-year programme of intensive treatment which includes bouts of chemotherapy and regular check-up clinics at St James's.’
      • ‘Perhaps we'll get the answer to that in our surgeries and clinics over the next few weeks, when patients ask us about the risk, and whether or not to go ahead with their operations.’
    2. 1.2 A gathering at a hospital bedside for the teaching of medicine or surgery.
      • ‘During practical training, ward rounds and outpatient clinics should be educational.’
      • ‘We based this review on our extensive clinical experience in managing patients in a dedicated tinea capitis clinic at a teaching hospital.’
      • ‘The authors assessed patients who were attending anticoagulation clinics in five Canadian teaching hospitals.’
      • ‘Table 1 lists the details of the clinics and surgeries and consultations recorded.’
      • ‘Gastroenterology clinics at Neath are dedicated to the specialty, whereas at Morriston the clinics also cover general medicine.’
      • ‘I regularly hold joint clinics with colleagues from overlapping specialties, such as genetics, neurology, ophthalmology, etc.’
      • ‘Having attended this conference, I am now finding the pituitary clinics to be more rewarding and stimulating.’
  • 2A conference or short course on a particular subject.

    ‘a ski clinic’
    • ‘The hotel is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World group; it provides a free shuttle service to local golf courses and a golf clinic.’
    • ‘For the last nine years, Silberman toured nationally conducting clinics and performing in schools.’
    • ‘They're planning for a Sunday drop in league and summer clinics for high school students.’
    • ‘As well, it is possible to provide regular on-site clinics if your work place is within reasonable travelling distance of Granville.’
    • ‘The team held a coaching clinic at the grounds for senior primary schools in the area.’
    • ‘It was also announced that such coaching and umpiring clinics will be a regular feature of the season's activities from now on.’
    • ‘It offers children's skiing clinics and a kids' day room.’
    • ‘A pilot scheme which provided general vaccination clinics on Saturdays proved very popular.’
    • ‘The residency will also offer regular weekly clinics for people who've sent in work and would like the chance to talk about it face to face.’
    • ‘Team Athletics Track and Field is aimed at helping teachers confidently conduct athletics clinics that focus on maximum participation and fun while learning.’
    • ‘He holds regular weekly clinics, he is probably more in contact with constituents than any other councillor around, and he has a way of courting the media that not many others have.’
    • ‘A team consisting of a physician, nurse, pharmacist and yoga teacher runs the clinic.’
    • ‘It caters for all the family, from junior sessions and beginners' courses to personal coaching clinics.’
    • ‘Napiers the herbalist, based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, received so many requests for natural treatments that it now runs regular menopause clinics.’
    • ‘The clinics take place in courses of seven weeks, with appointments of one hour each week.’
    • ‘Besides, another really laudable step was the running of coaches and umpires' clinics concurrent with the National Championship.’
    • ‘Collagenics will be holding a regular clinic at NailBarOne every three weeks or so.’
    • ‘He made many friends with public representatives of the party over the years and a number of them held their regular clinics in his premises.’
    • ‘Participants leave the clinic skiing better with the knowledge of how to care for and prep their skis.’
    • ‘Most communities have courses that offer junior clinics.’


Mid 19th century (in the sense ‘teaching of medicine at the bedside’): from French clinique, from Greek klinikē (tekhnē) ‘bedside (art)’, from klinē ‘bed’.