Definition of clingy in US English:



  • (of a person or garment) liable to cling; clinging.

    ‘at about 18 months my son became very clingy’
    ‘clingy leggings’
    • ‘Is it the clingy lady who keeps calling on ‘Leave Me Alone’?’
    • ‘Already he was back to his old way of dealing with clingy females.’
    • ‘If this week people are clingy and dependant, easily offended and insecure, don't be manipulated by their whims of steel.’
    • ‘She wanted to spend time with Jason but she didn't want to be the clingy girlfriend so she decided to go help Mariana pick out the music.’
    • ‘No wonder I got the results ‘You are a clingy person’ when I took some online quiz.’
    • ‘She's really clingy and she was actually pressuring me.’
    • ‘He wasn't clingy or annoying, and above all, he wasn't girly.’
    • ‘She was dependent on me, she was clingy and needy, and she didn't have a strong support system.’
    • ‘The three females, for example, are reduced to stereotypes: the clingy mother, sycophantic girlfriend and bikie chick.’
    • ‘He eventually manipulates his clingy girlfriend into the arms of another man, Murry, a wealthy beer distributor with a significant comb-over.’
    • ‘And you will find out in this chapter why she is so clingy.’
    • ‘I'm just clingy and he's just extremely touchy-feely.’
    • ‘I wasn't going to be that disgusting clingy girlfriend type.’
    • ‘Where once she was outgoing and confident, now she is clingy and dependent.’
    • ‘Good for you, you do not deserve a clingy girlfriend.’
    • ‘They were clingy and anxious even with their mother near, became very upset when she left, and had mixed feelings when she returned.’
    • ‘I know some clingy men, at least one of whom handled a breakup in almost exactly this manner (incessant calling, ‘I need you’, etc).’
    • ‘She had always promised herself that she would never be one of those clingy girlfriends who waited around forever for their boyfriend to call.’
    • ‘She is clingy, rude to my friends, and extremely high-maintenance.’
    • ‘He's not the kind of dog that will let you pet him, but with the people he knows and trusts, he's clingy.’