Definition of click-through in US English:



  • 1The action or facility of following a hypertext link to a particular website, especially a commercial one.

    ‘the site allows click-through to the entire book’
    ‘these reports reveal which of the ads are receiving the most click-throughs’
    as modifier ‘click-through banners’
    ‘click-through revenue generated by pop-up ads’
    ‘the website offers quick click-through listings’
    • ‘They will also pay either a flat rate per click-through to their sites or a percentage of each sales transaction that results from a click-through.’
    • ‘Sometimes a URL will have a redirection prefix which can be used to track click-through traffic.’
    • ‘Email is so cheap that they can make money even with almost no click-through.’
    • ‘So far my ads have not received any click-through traffic.’
    • ‘The commercial yielded 220 click-through inquiries.’
    • ‘Such click-through consumer response, of course, ideally offers the kind of direct, measurable results that advertisers ache for in an age of increasingly impotent mass media.’
    • ‘It's not about the click-through; it's about what happens afterward.’
    • ‘The person who has typed in that keyword is clearly motivated to follow through, so you don't just get a click-through, you get a dramatically increased rate of conversion after the click.’
    • ‘From the straightforward cover page to the easy click-through gallery of images, the publication proves again that less is more.’
    • ‘Those members then receive e-mail with a click-through link that takes them to a pre-filled voter registration form and envelope addressed to their local registrar.’
    1. 1.1 The ratio of clicks that an Internet advertisement receives to page views of the advertisement.
      ‘advertisers love high click-through’
      ‘the average click-through rate is only about 6 percent’
      • ‘The ad achieved a 30 % click-through rate, almost 15 times the industry average.’
      • ‘JWT reports that this ad scored a 5 percent click-through.’
      • ‘Despite the steady decline of click-through rates, plain-vanilla banner ads continue to dominate the online advertising landscape.’
      • ‘That translates into more completed transactions, more click-throughs, etc.’
      • ‘Most search engines offer reports for clients that will quickly reveal which of the ads are receiving the most click-throughs.’
      • ‘America's addiction to video games is leading the way to a brand-new advertising platform with astounding click-through rates, play times, and peer-to-peer potential.’
      • ‘According to Ali, the average click-through for stand-alone e-mail ads is 11.5 percent.’
      • ‘There are a few unique strategies that I employ that have sent my click rates through the roof.’
      • ‘The cost of banner ads is low compared to e-mail ads, but the clickthrough for e-mail ads is better.’
      • ‘These e-mails offer higher click-through and response rates than banner ads, at a lower cost.’
      • ‘A good click-through rate easily can mean the difference between losing money and being very profitable.’
      • ‘The more click-throughs to your site from its listings in Google, the higher it will be moved in the search results.’
      • ‘For many in the industry, the move away from a focus on clickthrough rates represents a shift in thinking.’
      • ‘Ultimately, most online advertising is sold on the basis of the number of views an ad receives, or the number of click-throughs it generates.’
      • ‘When anyone bothered to measure anything, it was with trendy Web metrics such as page views, click-throughs, and number of visitors.’
      • ‘The company claims response and click-through rates are in the double digits, while the return on investment averages 200 to 300 percent.’
      • ‘To improve your click-through rate, try asking a relevant and provocative question in your banner for which the audience will have to click to get the answer.’
      • ‘"We ran banner ads all over the world, and France had the second-highest clickthrough rate - over 4 percent, even though the ads were in English," he said.’
      • ‘The click rates are 2 percent.’