Definition of clevis in US English:



  • A U-shaped or forked metal connector within which another part can be fastened by means of a bolt or pin passing through the ends of the connector.

    as modifier ‘a clevis pin’
    • ‘Just drop the clevis over the post, placing the jack on the back side of the post in the clevis loop.’
    • ‘The solid rocket boosters have worked flawlessly since the redesign of the O-rings and the clevis and tang joints that failed in the Challenger disaster.’
    • ‘Franke surmised that a clevis bolt in the control system broke, rendering the elevator useless.’
    • ‘Indeed, it appears there are several easy ways to secure the brake without using the afterthought clip, perhaps by drilling a small hole and inserting a clevis pin or something of that nature.’
    • ‘The trapezoidal elements vary in length and are attached to the framework using the Haver & Boecker tension profile and clevis screw system.’
    • ‘The clevis had broken off from the cylinder rod.’
    • ‘Operation is convenient, with clevis hitch hookup and easy-to-adjust wheel spindles.’
    • ‘The answer came in the form of hanger clamps that secure clevises to the pipes.’
    • ‘The pivot rod is released by loosening a clevis screw on the lift rod assembly.’


Late 16th century: perhaps related to cleave.