Definition of clerkly in US English:



  • 1Relating to or appropriate to a clerk.

    ‘a list drawn up in a clerkly hand’
    • ‘They mostly earned their livings in other clerkly trades, as journalists, parliamentary reporters or lawyers.’
    • ‘There are less than three hundred people in the clerkly grades, and a few hundred lower grade admin staff.’
    • ‘Reginald Wilfer in Our Mutual Friend, like Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol, is amongst the most typically clerkly of Dickens's many London clerks.’
    • ‘They had taken far more kindly to the English language and clerkly jobs, and seemed to be more docile.’
    1. 1.1 Scholarly; learned.
      • ‘Few men have ever had a stronger conviction of their clerisy, of their belonging to the clerkly caste of the responsibles.’
      • ‘Mastering a tradition of authoritative texts and the facility to refashion these authorities in contemporary contexts were essential elements of clerkly discourse.’
      • ‘This implicit parallel of clerkly and knightly service recalls the linking of clerkliness and chivalry in the notion of translatio studii et imperii.’
      • ‘Ferguson contends that ‘preprint clerkly ideologies about the value of the ` illustrious vernaculars’ " helped to shape the development of the standardized print languages.’
      • ‘That does not seem to be a ringing endorsement of the procedure, although perhaps it is just cool, clerkly language.’
      learned, erudite, academic, well read, widely read, intellectual, literary, lettered, well educated, knowledgeable, cultured, cultivated, highbrow
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