Definition of cleft lip in US English:

cleft lip


  • A congenital split in the upper lip on one or both sides of the center, often associated with a cleft palate.

    • ‘Correction of the unilateral cleft lip nasal deformity presents a very difficult problem.’
    • ‘Closure of a cleft lip (incomplete formation of the lip, or ‘harelip’) in an infant is such a procedure.’
    • ‘I have seen advertisements for a cleft lip surgeon; but who will want to spend 35 years doing only one type of operation?’
    • ‘A cleft lip can range from a simple notch in the upper lip to a complete gap in the lip running into the floor of the nostril.’
    • ‘One explanation could be that we included people with discrete malformations associated with cleft lip and palate.’
    • ‘A cleft lip is a condition that creates an opening in the upper lip between the mouth and nose.’
    • ‘About 600 cleft lips have been corrected so far in three years.’
    • ‘A cleft lip is a separation of the two sides of the lip.’
    • ‘Neonates with a cleft lip or palate may have other associated syndromes or congenital anomalies.’
    • ‘I closed my eyes, and kept having visions of a baby with spinobifida, or down syndrome, or malformed body parts, or a cleft lip, and I got shaky.’
    • ‘Newborns with a cleft lip or palate require genetic evaluation and plastic surgery.’
    • ‘Rarely, maternal use of benzodiazepines has been associated with anomalies such as cleft lip and palate, as well as a withdrawal syndrome in the newborn.’
    • ‘The plastic surgeons were kept very busy, he said, ‘because a large proportion of children and babies in the area are born with cleft lips and palates.’’
    • ‘A cleft lip is a long opening between the upper lip and the nose.’
    • ‘Surgical cleft lip repairs have been reported as early as 390 AD in China.’
    • ‘The most characteristic features associated with the bilateral cleft lip may include any or all of the following.’
    • ‘Figure 1 provides a comparison of the anatomical features of a normal developed lip and nose with those of a cleft lip deformity.’
    • ‘A cleft lip can make it more difficult for your child to suck on a nipple.’
    • ‘The hospital, third in the State, will conduct free camps to detect children with cleft lips in and around the southern districts.’
    • ‘The repaired cleft lip may be noticed in the adult as an uneven upper lip and a scar that runs from the nose down through the upper lip.’


Cleft lip is the standard accepted term and should be used instead of harelip, which can cause offense


cleft lip

/klɛft lɪp/