Definition of clearwing in US English:


(also clearwing moth)


  • A day-flying moth which has narrow mainly transparent wings and mimics a wasp or bee in appearance.

    Family Sesiidae: several genera and many species, including the hornet moth

    • ‘The adult is a clearwing moth in the same family as the peachtree borer, lesser peachtree borer, and lilac borer.’
    • ‘The adult is a clearwing moth, with the forewings brown and the hindwings clear with brown borders.’
    • ‘The adult of the raspberry crown borer is a clearwing moth with a wingspan of 1 1/4 inches.’
    • ‘Honeybees (the few that have so far escaped the Varroa mites), bumblebees, various flies and beetles, and the hummingbird clearwing (a moth that thinks it's a hummingbird) frequent milkweeds too.’
    • ‘Most clearwing moths look wasp- or hornet-like, but the adult squash vine borer looks like a large, glassy-winged, bright orange and black fly-fishing lure.’