Definition of clearing in English:



  • An open space in a forest, especially one cleared for cultivation.

    • ‘I was wandering one day, and I just happened upon that little clearing.’
    • ‘I left the little clearing, walking mechanically back to the hostel.’
    • ‘They entered a small clearing surrounded by oak trees.’
    • ‘They were in a clearing in the middle of a seemingly endless forest.’
    • ‘The three adventurers soon found themselves standing in the center of a circular clearing.’
    • ‘The large clearing in the forest was almost right out of a fairy tale.’
    • ‘Now the underbrush was thickening, and suddenly I entered a small clearing surrounded by thick pine trees.’
    • ‘A faint rustling from within the trees at the clearing's edge signalled that they had company.’
    • ‘When we reached a beautiful clearing in the woods, I proposed to rest.’
    • ‘There, in a grassy, sunny clearing, sat an innocent little cottage.’
    • ‘They came upon a large clearing in the forest, where they faced an enormous rock face.’
    • ‘At the end of at least twenty minutes of walking, we approach a clearing.’
    • ‘He found a grassy clearing with ease, and began gathering a pile of dead wood from the ground.’
    • ‘They approached the clearing in the woods - each of them staring in awe.’
    • ‘The trees around us ended, and we found ourselves in a circular clearing.’
    • ‘She led them to a small, grassy clearing in the middle of a wooded area.’
    • ‘The large clearing was surrounding by the woods, creating a horseshoe shape.’
    • ‘Forest openings and clearings and agricultural areas are also good habitat for the Western Bluebird.’
    • ‘They are common in forest clearings, wetlands, edges, residential areas, orchards, and stands of Russian olive.’
    • ‘Coming to a clearing's edge, they caught sight of the poacher in the distance.’
    glade, dell, space, gap, opening
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