Definition of clay mineral in US English:

clay mineral


  • Any of a group of minerals that occur as colloidal crystals in clay. They are all hydrated aluminosilicates having layered crystal structures.

    • ‘He investigated the effect of clay mineral composition and pore fluid chemistry on the shear strength of various soils.’
    • ‘The clay mineral succession at Armenia is very similar to that at Albion Island.’
    • ‘This record was tested against climatic variations inferred from clay mineral contents on the assumption that high sea levels should correlate with warm climates and low sea levels with cooler climates.’
    • ‘In clay slopes, the clay mineral platelets realign themselves parallel to the direction of movement, giving a very low angle of internal friction between the grains, and the slope is said to be at residual strength.’
    • ‘Most of the crystal groups were coated with a thick layer of an unidentified clay mineral that was almost impossible to remove without destroying the specimen.’