Definition of clavate in US English:



Botany Zoology
  • Club-shaped; thicker at the apex than at the base.

    • ‘Mature thalli of both taxa have structures with a clavate form located along the upper part of the main axis, and in both taxa these are preceded by multiple verticils of long, branched, hairlike sterile laterals.’
    • ‘It is very similar in form in that the labellar trichomes are unicellular and clavate with ‘stalks’ of varying lengths.’
    • ‘Included in both these genera were short, rectilinear borings with clavate ends and elongate, curvilinear borings with or without swollen terminations.’
    • ‘All were united in having a characteristically clavate glabellar shape.’
    • ‘Apart from size, the two specimens agree in all respects with the possible exception of the disposition of the clavate laterals.’


Mid 17th century: from modern Latin clavatus, from Latin clava ‘club’.