Definition of clattering in US English:



  • 1in singular A continuous rattling sound as of hard objects falling or striking each other.

    ‘a clattering of pans in the kitchen’
    • ‘It is a marvelous thing to hear that rumble of thunder in the distance and the clattering of the raindrops beginning to fall.’
    • ‘Just before I fell asleep, I heard the clattering of hooves beside me.’
    • ‘I could see nothing, and all I could hear was this clattering of gravel on the tin roof.’
    • ‘The clattering goes on in the kitchen.’
    • ‘With all the noise going on and the clattering of the ship being loaded, it was hardly giving one the opportunity to clear one's mind.’
    • ‘There was a clattering and tumbling as everything spilled out on to the floor.’
    • ‘With all the clattering coming from the shed last night we're pretty certain the possum has taken up residence in there.’
    • ‘There came such a clattering of hoof beats around the corner that it caused every eye to look round.’
    • ‘Mist rolls in from the Thames and the clattering of jugs of ale and steaming platters of jellied eels is interrupted only by the noise of wheels on cobbles.’
    • ‘Toward midnight a shriek was heard, then a clattering and rumbling noise, and the next instant a vast terrific eye shot by.’
  • 2rare A flock of choughs (birds)

    ‘you will have to chatter like a clattering of choughs’