Definition of classicize in US English:


(British classicise)


[no object]usually as adjective classicizing
  • Imitate a classical style.

    ‘the classicizing strains in Guercino's art’
    • ‘A masterpiece of the medium, it was also an emblem of its era, its emotional intensity pitted against classicizing clarity.’
    • ‘Because of centuries of standardization and veneration of literary usage, a classical language or a classicized variety of a language may split off from everyday use.’
    • ‘Quantum mechanics, however, still remains far beyond the reach of Einstein's classicising imagination.’
    • ‘The very posture of these classicized buildings - heavy, internalized, closed - conveys commanding messages about social obedience.’
    • ‘Unlike the Barcelona Pavilion, with its directional Modernist space and unaligned column and paving grids, at the Farnsworth House the column centers align with the grid of the travertine floor, classicizing the design.’
    • ‘This makes a connection between the manuscript's status as a luxury object and its artist's choice of classicizing imperial imagery.’
    • ‘That realist art could perform in this realm of knowledge was a concept quickly buried by the powerful critical faction that linked intellectual art to classicizing form.’
    • ‘Translation was central to the Augustan programme to classicize English literary culture.’
    • ‘There was a remarkable continuity of both craft techniques and classicizing style.’
    • ‘There, monuments deeply informed by the Classical past were succeeded by vigorously illusionistic works, which in their turn were succeeded by things made for one ruler in both classicizing and veristic styles.’
    • ‘Mostly the Italian experience contributed to the toning down of his work, a classicizing shift in which he reined in his former excesses.’
    • ‘His powers of observation did not diminish in his drawings for the Farnese Gallery, which have been described as hyper idealized, classicizing works.’
    • ‘A small branch that is pierced by a pair of garden shears and sits atop a classicized wall bracket with Corinthian details suggests a large-winged bird that has just landed.’
    • ‘It deals with the making of Renaissance copies of a Roman relief based on Hellenistic figure types, which are then adapted in self-consciously referential ways into contemporary classicizing art in several media.’
    • ‘It is dressed with classicizing drapery, rather that contemporary costume, to convey a sense of timeless quality.’
    • ‘By the early 1920s, both avant-garde and classicizing French architects endorsed the idea of a regulating structure for architecture and design.’
    • ‘He used the grandeur of a decorative, classicizing composition but did not archaize the scene by putting the women in identifiably regional clothing.’
    • ‘The peasant and market images, for example, render boorish figures (low subjects) in large scale, and classicizing poses (high form) in a manner designed to make viewers perceive their own vices and pretensions.’
    • ‘Although he possesses a muscular, classicizing body, his torso has begun to thicken, indicating that he is middle-aged.’
    • ‘Pound's description, like the imperialist propaganda of the time, replaces the reality of colonized bodies with a classicizing image of a Roman body of state.’