Definition of class action in US English:

class action


North American
  • A lawsuit filed or defended by an individual or small group acting on behalf of a large group.

    • ‘The class action lawsuit has certainly brought substantial means to the tort bar.’
    • ‘The decision Friday was the result of a class action lawsuit on behalf of half a million sick Florida smokers.’
    • ‘But after the drug was withdrawn, 9,000 lawsuits were filed, many of them as class actions, seeking recovery for millions of individual users and their insurers.’
    • ‘This takes no account of any liabilities that may be triggered by law suits and class actions against the company and its directors.’
    • ‘In line with American practice, the relatives of those who died may also decide to file massive class action law suits.’


class action

/klæs ˈækʃən//klas ˈakSHən/