Definition of clapper in English:



  • The free-swinging metal piece inside a bell that is made to strike the bell to produce the sound.

    • ‘The clapper was a clear blue, sapphire about an inch long, dangling a tiny bit from the bell itself.’
    • ‘Sadly their belated participation in the event was short lived - the bell's clapper fell off within minutes.’
    • ‘If your foot can jiggle around inside the skates while you hold your foot up (like a clapper in a bell), then they're too large.’
    • ‘A figure grasps the hose, swings back and forth like the clapper of a bell and finally bounds high above the floor.’
    • ‘Before the advent of batteries or electricity bell pushes were always dome shaped and had a clockwork mechanism that activated a clapper, which struck the inside of the dome.’
    • ‘The soldier's fiancé had climbed into the belfry and clung to the great clapper of the bell to prevent it from striking.’
    • ‘The bells are not swung as in change-ringing but are struck by pulling their clappers or moving external hammers, with a simple mechanical action using trackers and wires.’
    • ‘It's a bin full of clappers ripped from their bells.’
    • ‘These aren't actual bells, with actual metal clappers, like the ones I remember from my days in Wisconsin.’
    • ‘Small cast bells that never had a clapper fitted inside were possibly worn to help to ‘announce’ the presence of the wearer.’