Definition of clanswoman in US English:



  • A female member of a clan.

    ‘a fellow clanswoman’
    • ‘Her interest in the matter seems to have been merely that of a connection, or, at most, a clanswoman.’
    • ‘Ye are my Clanswoman until ye wed wi' Colonel Fitzwilliam.’
    • ‘Polka-dot make-up, scarification done in tribal designs, and pig grease enhance the appeal of a Minj clanswoman.’
    • ‘One of the clanswomen suggested they should send to Meroway for infantry, but the others hooted and shouted her down.’
    • ‘The stool - the creative product, the artistic genious - remains and can now be put to whatever positive purpose the clanswomen wish.’
    • ‘Did you enjoy fighting alongside your clanswoman?’
    • ‘Like the clanswomen, they can do so despite the fact that "All the young women / Have perished in the wilderness."’
    • ‘The leading clanswomen decided prisoners' fates, sometimes basing their decision on the manner in which a relative of theirs had been killed.’