Definition of clansman in English:



  • A male member of a clan.

    • ‘Facing jail, a chieftain in western Niger offered to free the 7,000 slaves held by him and his clansmen in a public ceremony, due to take place on Saturday March 5th.’
    • ‘Local clansman living near the city burned down some of the workers' houses.’
    • ‘He knew he should go down among the dead and say the words over his fallen clansmen, but he couldn't bring himself to descend even a foot into that vale.’
    • ‘He was an urbane intellectual in a country terrorized by a primitive tribal thug and his loyal clansmen.’
    • ‘A firefight broke out among the clansmen and others in Tripoli, northern Lebanon.’
    • ‘She and the other clansmen refused to tell where Rei was.’
    • ‘The modest memorial was once covered with lichen, but a distant clansman of the accused went and scraped clean the three sides of the marker, which are carved respectively in English, Maori, and Gaelic.’
    • ‘Colmcille refused to surrender his book, and his clansmen rallied to his defense against the king.’
    • ‘Alexandra watches as her fellow clansmen fight and die.’
    • ‘She, herself, had never had a proper bed, just one made of animal furs from kills the clansmen had made.’
    • ‘When clansmen in Somalia shut women out of the peace process there, the women formed a new clan - the Sister Clan.’
    • ‘I agree with the analysis of my clansman, Lindsey.’
    • ‘Clansman faced clansman and brother fought brother.’
    • ‘In the Scottish Highlands, the system of runrig, by which grazing land was common, and arable land was periodically reallocated among the clansmen, persisted right into the nineteenth century.’
    • ‘His clansmen had looked at him with wondering eyes as they neared the hillside.’
    • ‘Hyo's only family were his fellow clansmen, who was not a very reliable source of protection.’
    • ‘The next time, however, he would not let her talk this way in front of his clansmen.’
    • ‘In later days, the real power stemmed from his clansmen around his hometown.’
    • ‘When its rivals violate its collective interest, all clansmen act together to defend the clan's interest.’
    • ‘The news of the loss of his clansmen hadn't reached him before the War Leader told him.’