Definition of clansman in US English:



  • A male member of a clan.

    • ‘Clansman faced clansman and brother fought brother.’
    • ‘I agree with the analysis of my clansman, Lindsey.’
    • ‘Sir Bindon Blood was a striking figure in these savage mountains and among these wild rifle-armed clansmen.’
    • ‘She and the other clansmen refused to tell where Rei was.’
    • ‘Many Highland chiefs and clansmen, who did battle for the Stuart cause, paid for their loyalty with life and property.’
    • ‘When clansmen in Somalia shut women out of the peace process there, the women formed a new clan - the Sister Clan.’
    • ‘A melancholy cavalcade of clansmen subsequently set forth in wagons for London.’
    • ‘In later days, the real power stemmed from his clansmen around his hometown.’
    • ‘Alexandra watches as her fellow clansmen fight and die.’
    • ‘The next time, however, he would not let her talk this way in front of his clansmen.’
    • ‘His motivation for organising an emigration to Canada was to avoid economic ruin and religious persecution, for himself and his fellow clansmen.’
    • ‘In reality, Camerons, MacDonalds and Chattans fought Campbells, Munros and the many other clansmen that joined the ranks of the Argyll Militia.’
    • ‘When its rivals violate its collective interest, all clansmen act together to defend the clan's interest.’
    • ‘When the Scots gathered for battle, the loyal clansmen would bring a stone, which they dropped in a pile.’
    • ‘He knew he should go down among the dead and say the words over his fallen clansmen, but he couldn't bring himself to descend even a foot into that vale.’
    • ‘The Sheikh, usually elected by the clansmen, acts as judge to the clan or family, decides on matters of war and peace, assigns duties to clansmen, and mediates during disputes between the clan and other clans.’
    • ‘His clansmen had looked at him with wondering eyes as they neared the hillside.’
    • ‘Last time he was Lord Mayor, Allan Watson was defiantly piped out of Melbourne Town Hall by a clansman in a kilt.’
    • ‘At Appin, he attempted to replace his old clan rivals, the Stewarts, with his own clansmen.’
    • ‘Hyo's only family were his fellow clansmen, who was not a very reliable source of protection.’
    • ‘Lochiel, one of the Jacobite commanders, brought his clansmen back to the field the next day to show them the product of their labours, and his men were horrified at what they had done in the heat of battle.’
    • ‘She, herself, had never had a proper bed, just one made of animal furs from kills the clansmen had made.’
    • ‘We met a group of Australians searching for the home of their MacDonald clansmen.’
    • ‘He would recruit for the French army on the side, report both politically and militarily on what was happening in Scotland, and carry messages between other exiled Appin clansmen and their families.’
    • ‘The news of the loss of his clansmen hadn't reached him before the War Leader told him.’
    • ‘A firefight broke out among the clansmen and others in Tripoli, northern Lebanon.’
    • ‘Meanwhile Claverhouse had raised a Jacobite force of 2,000 Highland clansmen.’
    • ‘In the Scottish Highlands, the system of runrig, by which grazing land was common, and arable land was periodically reallocated among the clansmen, persisted right into the nineteenth century.’
    • ‘Probably more significant is the fact that Brown was one of the many neutral names adopted by clansmen who wanted to be rid of their politically incorrect Gaelic patronymics.’
    • ‘The modest memorial was once covered with lichen, but a distant clansman of the accused went and scraped clean the three sides of the marker, which are carved respectively in English, Maori, and Gaelic.’
    • ‘Facing jail, a chieftain in western Niger offered to free the 7,000 slaves held by him and his clansmen in a public ceremony, due to take place on Saturday March 5th.’
    • ‘Colmcille refused to surrender his book, and his clansmen rallied to his defense against the king.’
    • ‘Exiled clansmen and their ladies danced the eightsome reel, the military two-step and slow Scottish waltzes to the music of a bag-piper.’
    • ‘The disposal of the clan land to strangers without the consent of the clansmen is subject to the fiat that any other clan member can redeem that clan land on payment of the purchase price to the purchaser.’
    • ‘It's the end of a stealthy march by Lochaber clansmen through the quiet backwaters of the old district of Badenoch, a journey that took them towards the rich pastures, and rich pickings, of Morayshire.’
    • ‘He was an urbane intellectual in a country terrorized by a primitive tribal thug and his loyal clansmen.’
    • ‘Travellers were not welcome and foraging parties of clansmen would regularly plunge south on what Sir Walter Scott called ‘predatory excursions upon their Lowland neighbours’.’
    • ‘Local clansman living near the city burned down some of the workers' houses.’
    • ‘Acorns were traditionally used by clansmen to decorate windows and deter lightning from hitting their houses.’
    • ‘But the man most likely to have managerial responsibilities is standing firm: he has said that his clansmen cannot be dismissed despite the fact that there aren't enough of them to do their work properly, efficiently, or on time.’