Definition of clang in US English:



  • A loud, resonant metallic sound or series of sounds.

    ‘the steel door slammed shut with a clang’
    • ‘He reacted without delay, the loud clang of bullet on steel barely audible over the roar of the traffic.’
    • ‘He elbowed a lever into position, and a loud clang sounded from the bowels of the ship.’
    • ‘The boy cried out in pain, though, as a loud, metallic clang rang out in the alley.’
    • ‘The clang of metal will sound as combatants engage in sword duels.’
    • ‘He used his knife to deflect her sword and they clashed with a loud clang.’
    • ‘The sword fell to the ground with a loud clang which rang throughout the hallway.’
    • ‘At that precise moment, a gong near the entrance way was sounded, the metallic clang echoing around the Great Hall.’
    • ‘Metallic clangs sounded as blade met blade, and the cries of the wounded echoed in their ears.’
    • ‘The crowd silenced as a loud clang sounded behind the burly man.’
    • ‘Swords flash, the clang of sounds echoing painfully in tender ears.’
    • ‘However, their argument was abruptly ended when a loud clang reverberated around the dungeon.’
    • ‘The din of the forge grows louder, hammer clangs on anvil as more and more people arrive weary of war, drawn by the light, ready for a new day of peace.’
    • ‘Screams and grunts of many goblins and other demons intermixed with the sound of roaring smith furnaces and the metallic clangs of smiths' hammers on metal.’
    • ‘With this their swords clashed with a loud clang of metal.’
    • ‘The loud clang of metal against the hard ground echoed throughout the silent and empty basement.’
    • ‘The knocker hit the door with a loud clang, and the sound reverberated in the hall behind the door.’
    • ‘The metallic clang of the fire escape being clambered on was getting louder by the second.’
    • ‘The king fell upon his knees, his frail body clattering against the flagstones with a loud clang and tears poured down his face.’
    • ‘A loud clang echoed through the hallway as the man dropped the padlock to the floor.’
    • ‘They were just about to open the door and head out onto the deck when a clang of thunder sounded, causing both girls to jump.’
    reverberation, ringing, ring, ding-dong, bong, peal, chime, toll
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  • Make or cause to make a clang.

    with object ‘the belfry still clangs its bell at 9 p.m.’
    no object ‘she turned the faucet on and the plumbing clanged’
    • ‘The door clanged for the last time and Tessa knew that this was the last person to come through it that night.’
    • ‘There were even gargoyles that sat at the top of the bell tower that clanged loudly as Lee opened the door to the building.’
    • ‘The double doors clanged shut behind me, and I stared in wonder at the sunlight streaming through a wall of windows.’
    • ‘Indeed, clanging bells offered some exhilaration to counter the drudgery of life spent in the fields.’
    • ‘He heard the fire bells clanging, and saw the horses running at full speed towards the financial district.’
    • ‘As soon as Rane had disappeared, the big, metal gym doors clanged open and slammed shut.’
    • ‘The door swung shut behind them, clanging once more to tell of someone's departure.’
    • ‘A heavy door clanged shut behind him and then there was silence.’
    • ‘The school bell clanged, warning the students that they might be late.’
    • ‘As I dragged myself out from underneath him the door clanged shut with such a final note that I felt a shiver go down my spine.’
    • ‘In a moment of blind panic, I crashed through the back door, the door clanging on its frame as it snapped back into place.’
    • ‘The door that had clanged shut in that instant came flying open with a storm behind it.’
    • ‘The wrought-iron gates clanged shut behind me.’
    • ‘The watchtower bell clanged, its reverberating tones echoing through the fog.’
    • ‘A Mediterranean sun had just set, and above the school, hollow bells clanged around the necks of goats, and the chatter of crickets filled the night air.’
    • ‘The gate clanged shut loudly behind him making him jump.’
    • ‘There was yet another long pause after the heavy metal door clanged shut above the two girls.’
    • ‘The school bell clanged and children flew from the doors scattering like sand grains whipping about in a dust storm.’
    • ‘Their swords clashed and clanged, both men giving it their all.’
    • ‘Lockers clanged shut and people rushed to classes, shouting to each other and laughing in the corridors.’
    reverberate, resound, ring, bong, peal, chime, toll
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Late 16th century: imitative, influenced by Latin clangere ‘resound’.