Definition of clafoutis in US English:



  • A tart made of fruit, typically cherries, baked in a sweet batter.

    • ‘The peaches were made into a clafoutis, but… that didn't turn out so well.’
    • ‘Traditional clafoutis are made with cherries, preferably unpitted, but I've been known to use apricots, myself, especially when they're at their rosy peak.’
    • ‘These were light, shuddery golden bites which had a yielding texture somewhere between a French clafoutis and a Yorkshire pudding.’
    • ‘The deep silence that greeted us every morning all but mandated the house-livening presence of breakfast baking - pancakes, popovers, cranberry clafoutis, blueberry coffee cake.’
    • ‘The clafoutis was still warm, with a thin spongey surface over juicy cherries and a thicker batter base.’


French, from dialect clafir ‘to stuff’.