Definition of city hall in US English:

city hall

(also City Hall)


  • 1The administration building of a municipal government.

    • ‘As the group was leaving city hall, however, the Archduke asked to go to the hospital to check on those injured in the bomb attack.’
    • ‘No expansion is planned for city hall, although there is provision in the land-use plan for future expansion.’
    • ‘I think it certainly raised serious questions about the enforcement of security going into city hall.’
    • ‘A small number of these soldiers even staged a protest at city hall.’
    • ‘The summonses stem from a protest outside city hall on March 4.’
    • ‘Under some of the earlier job-training programs you would go down to city hall and show them you were poor and they'd give you a job.’
    • ‘We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the park at city hall and finally got a good picture of the amazing tanks they use as police cars here.’
    • ‘Philadelphia's new city hall was the tallest building in the world.’
    • ‘It would send a clear message to law breakers if this law breaker is taken out of city hall in shackles.’
    • ‘The new presentation received positive response from the city administration and boat operators at a recent meeting in city hall.’
    • ‘He went down to city hall to learn why his utilities cost so much, and found out to run water to our town, it cost the government next to nothing.’
    • ‘I was on the main level of San Francisco city hall from about noon until a bit after 5pm today.’
    • ‘I found out very quickly there were a number of special-interest groups who made city hall their private warren.’
    • ‘I just want you to know that my partner and I were married at city hall on Thursday this week.’
    • ‘City administrators convened again at city hall on May 15 to discuss funding approval to continue operation of the plant.’
    • ‘He told them that he had dropped off his girlfriend at city hall but got tired of waiting for her, so he just grabbed his stuff and left.’
    • ‘After receiving the petition, city administrators met at city hall and decided to call for a further clarification of the laws.’
    • ‘But the issue wasn't so cut and dried Monday afternoon at city hall.’
    • ‘I think we need to go beyond the doors of this city hall.’
    • ‘The incendiary bombs appeared to be abandoned near an old building several blocks away from city hall.’
    1. 1.1North American treated as singular Municipal offices or officers collectively.
      ‘they cultivated close ties with City Hall’
      • ‘A new way of looking at the amount of money taxpayers give city hall shows rising utility user fees have as much of an impact on Calgarians as tax increases.’
      • ‘A congregation in Michigan challenged a city hall ruling preventing them from opening a storefront church.’
      • ‘He said Iqaluit residents should report to city hall whenever they see municipal vehicles idling.’
      • ‘Up until now they have been too busy to fight city hall.’
      • ‘If city hall was then to make an exception to the ridiculous but rigid policy of only deck chairs and no sun beds you would I am sure witness a renaissance in that area.’
      • ‘Yet city hall has always pushed to give the contract to them.’
      • ‘Fighting city hall is never easy, and the local government figured they could take this land without a fight.’
      • ‘It's quite shameful that the city hall leaked the information to him before I even heard a whisper of your plan.’
      • ‘Once city hall realizes they can buy you off with a bocce court, you're in trouble.’
      • ‘As coverage of child care takes priority over coverage of city hall, the distinction between hard news and soft news will blur.’
      • ‘The city hall had left the railing there for the soul purpose of rollerblading.’
      • ‘Doubtless city hall will ask Washington to replace lost tax revenues, but the Feds should adamantly refuse.’
      • ‘It also has the highest levels of youth lead poisoning, an issue that has garnered the attention of local activists and city hall.’
      • ‘Nevertheless city hall threatened the dog dealers with jail time and seizure of vehicles.’
      • ‘A strategic plan for redeveloping this area already exists and merely awaits a strong push from city hall.’


city hall

/ˈsidē hôl//ˈsɪdi hɔl/