Definition of citric in US English:



  • Derived from or related to citrus fruit.

    ‘lemongrass gives a slightly sweet citric flavor’
    • ‘Toe-curlingly fresh, the wash is ablaze with tart apple and citric zing.’
    • ‘There are lovely fresh fruit plates served with a generous variety of berries, kiwis, melon, plums, and orange crème fraîche, which manages to nicely walk the line between sweet and citric.’
    • ‘You are immediately struck by the subtle scent of, well, oranges - a sensation caused by the burning of citric oils.’
    • ‘Other citric juices were included.’
    • ‘I'll never forget my first sip of that citric ambrosia.’
    • ‘A tartar of salmon and scallops was bound with a finely judged, faintly citric emulsion which countered the extreme richness of the meat.’
    • ‘The most common citric fruits are grapefruit, orange, lime, pineapple, and tomato.’
    • ‘She sprayed her neck a bit of citric scent and took a peppermint tablet.’
    • ‘You've added so much apple, orange and lemon juice into the mix that the resulting drink is citric and tastes absolutely nothing like mango juice.’
    • ‘On the palate it is lime and citric with a clean short finish.’
    • ‘It is reminiscent of the exotic Rhone Condrieu, but the wash is lighter and clearly more citric.’
    • ‘The strong citric smell of lemon lingered from his drink, averting him from the worries even for just a little while.’
    • ‘Organic seared salmon with a sesame crust and a marginally oversweet, faintly citric sauce could have done with some seasoning.’
    • ‘The chef uses crumbled bacon and a hit of citric kalamansi juice and sake to season sweet and creamy scallops, and a small, perfectly rare tuna steak needs nothing more than a touch of ginger-soy.’
    • ‘Clean, with a cool pear-like wash, and yet bursting with citric energy and acidity this wine will inspire you to at least phone a local gym.’
    • ‘Straight energy feeds like molasses, rolled barley, rolled wheat, beet pulps, citric pulp and combinations of these are all suitable.’
    • ‘Although it is dry, clean and relatively flavourless (it is brewed in part with sucrose, which ferments almost perfectly), it has a nice citric bouquet and a hint of lemon flavour that distinguishes it from other light lagers.’
    • ‘His lips puckered and a deep shiver crawled down his spine as he swallowed the sour juice from the citric fruit.’
    • ‘Other options include quesadillas, fajitas, wraps and several meal-size salads with a refreshing and slightly citric cumin dressing served on fresh nacho chips.’
    • ‘Crab salad didn't have the citric flash it had greeted us with at lunch.’


Late 18th century: from Latin citrus ‘citron tree’ + -ic.