Definition of citral in US English:



  • A fragrant liquid occurring in citrus and lemongrass oils and used in flavorings and perfumes.

    A terpene; chemical formula: C₁₀H₁₆O

    • ‘Odors used included amyl acetate, which smells like bananas; phenyl ethyl alcohol, which smells like roses; propionic acid, which smells like vinegar; eugenol, which smells like cloves; and citral, which smells lemony.’
    • ‘An example of counteraction is mixing citral, a pale-yellow liquid used in the perfume and flavoring industries, to neutralize the amines emitted from decaying meat in the dumpster behind a restaurant.’
    • ‘A tall, vigorous plant with light green leaves, small white flowers and an intense lemon aroma, it has been bred for greater genetic uniformity and higher content of the lemon-scented oil citral.’
    • ‘Products based on citral are used in animal and human nutrition and in the health and cosmetics sectors.’
    • ‘Moreover, after citral was introduced, a strong buzzing was heard inside the colonies.’