Definition of cissexual in English:



  • ‘cissexual women’
    another term for cisgender
    ‘a heteronormative and cissexual society’
    • ‘Cisgender and cissexual are a closely related class of gender identities where an individual's gender identity matches the behavior or role considered appropriate for one's sex.’
    • ‘Except for Lucy's autobiography, all the primary source materials I found are influenced by a dominant, cissexual perspective of people.’
    • ‘She has a strong opinion about the treatment of transgender and transsexual people by society, but she isn't the one whom invented the transsexual opposing cissexual discourse.’
    • ‘What you are demonstrating in your blog is cissexism: rating transsexual/transgender gender identity as inferior to your own - also acquired - cissexual identity.’
    • ‘"Cisgender" and "cissexual" are not slurs.’
    • ‘The cycle will only be broken when cissexual feminists take responsibility for cissexism and hold themselves and their colleagues accountable.’
    • ‘Alternative and independent comics have long been a space for writers and artists to depict diverse characters who do not fit into the narrow mold of the straight, white, cissexual, neurotypical, and able-bodied male hero.’
    • ‘We should always be learning the stories of our sisters who don't identify as black, white, heterosexual, cissexual, or without disabilities.’
    • ‘Too many feminist writers begin with the disclaimer that they cannot possibly say anything about women who are not white, or straight, or rich, or cissexual, or mothers.’


Early 21st century: from cis- + sexual.