Definition of cirriped in US English:


(also cirripede)


  • A crustacean of the class Cirripedia; a barnacle.

    • ‘Recent climate changes and the beneficial habitat of the buoys favour the introduction of exotic cirripeds.’
    • ‘The cleaning process of the illustrated sample containing numerous cirriped plates was accomplished within 10 seconds!’
    • ‘On the other hand, some cirriped species may dissociate from dead sea turtles as occurs with other commensal taxa, which are rarely found on dead stranded sea turtles.’
    • ‘He said he had fallen asleep while sunbathing on the beach in shallow water and had awoken to find the clinging cirriped firmly in place.’
    • ‘When fossil cirripeds are found they are often individual plates broken from the rest of the animal or traces left where they were attached or burrowed.’